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American Girl Doll

I was just ten years old when American Girl debuted their first catalog in 1986.  I desperately wanted an American Girl doll.  Not just any American Girl doll, though.  I wanted a bald American Girl doll.  They didn’t have any.  I wasn’t surprised, because the only bald dolls I had were either baby dolls or those made by my Mom. 

In June, I learned that American Girl was debuting a doll without hair.  I immediately reached out to American Girl to request a review.  I wanted that doll!  When my American Girl doll without hair arrived, I was tickled pink!my American Girl doll without hair

When Sister saw it, she said, “Mommy!!  My new doll looks like you!” 

Um, who’s new doll?  I’ll wrestle you for it…

Soon enough, though, the doll was showing who she’d rather hang with…

First she went into Sister’s room, and climbed in the cradle.

my American Girl doll without hairbald American Girl doll

She looked so peaceful, I thought I would leave her for the night.

bald American Girl dollbald American Girl doll

She took advantage of the opportunity to make herself at home. 

Next thing I know, she’s sleeping soundly next to Sister. 

American Girl doll without hair

Of course, I couldn’t break them up!

American Girl doll without hairAmerican Girl doll without hairAmerican Girl doll without hair

She’s a great playmate!  She goes everywhere.  From the patio, to the garden, to the slide. 

bald American Girl doll

Mister likes her, too, and wants a bald boy doll.  In time, son, in time.  LOL.

If Sister ever decides she’d rather have a doll that looked like her, instead of one that looks like Mommy, we can admit her to the Doll Hospital where experts will happily replace her head with one that has hair.  How cool is that?

All jokes aside, I am impressed with the quality of this doll.  She stands.  She sits.  Her seams are stitched well.  Her head rotates easily.  (Which is quite funny, when she is poised in the seat at church, staring at one of your friends.  Yes, I went there.  LOL). She is well made, though she has this string at her neck.  I presume that it is so that the head can be replaced should we want to do so.  I just thought it could have been cleverly hidden or something.

American Girl doll without hair

The American Girl doll without hair is available in a variety of skin tones and eye colors.  To learn more, call American Girl customer service at 800-628-5145 to discuss options and to order a doll without hair.

Check out American Girl on Facebook for all the latest happenings.

***Product sample provided to facilitate review.  All opinions are my own.***

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