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All About Me Meme- Day 8

Today’s topic is “Day 8 – a photo that makes you angry/sad.”  I’m going to go with sad.  Or frustrated.  Or a mixture of both.  I am about to show you something that I haven’t even show Hubs.

Weight Loss

I cannot believe I just publicly disclosed my current weight.

I am just under 5’5”.  Which means that my current BMI is 34.4.  Which places me in the Obese Class 1.


The good news is that I’ve lost 25 pounds since this time last year, which lowered my BMI from 38.8.  Which I know is something to be proud of.  But, the stupid scale has been stuck for a month (maybe more).  And I am just sick of it.  I know it’s my own fault.  I  need to drink more water.  I need to make healthier decisions.  I need to start tracking my calories again.  I need to be more conscious of portion sizes.  I need to exercise more… etc, etc, etc.

The number on the scale doesn’t bother me nearly as bad as the BMI.  My goal?  To have a BMI within normal range.  Which means I have roughly 57 pounds to go.

So, on Monday I spoke with a weight coach on the phone (a benefit available to me through Hubs insurance).

We set small goals for now.

I also installed the Lose-It app on my new iPod, so that I can more easily track my calorie intake.

Here’s hoping that by this time next year, I have shaved at least 5 points off my BMI, if not all 10.

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Oh yeah.. that’s a picture I could have used. We’re the same weight, height and bmi. It’s definitely frustrating. 🙁 We can do this! Congrats on the loss so far!

  2. That took so much courage to post! I know you can conquer those numbers and be a healthier size, I am rooting for you Virginia!

  3. Being accountable is a huge step in deciding to make good on your goal 🙂 I had a really tough time when I lost the 30 extra pounds I needed to lose (and trust me on a 4’9″ person 30 extra pounds is HUGE!LOL!), but with a good support team behind you (GO MOMDOT!) – we’ll cheer you on to the finish line!

  4. I’m here for you! My scale has been ‘stuck’ for monthS now 🙁

  5. You can do it! I, too, am struggling with the 15+ lbs. i need to lose. It doesn’t help that my day job requires me to sit ALL DAY LONG!!!

    Keep your chin up and think positive!!!

  6. I admire your courage in posting the pic, shows you are serious about reaching your goal. You can do it!