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All About Me Meme- Day 4

Whew!  Day 4 of the All About Me Meme.  I am not accustomed to talking about myself so much, so I am glad that this is a guided tour!  Today’s topic- favorite book!

I am a self-professed bibliophile, so choosing a favorite book is difficult.

I’m going to split my response into two categories, non-fiction and fiction.

Of course, in the non-fiction category, I can honestly say that my favorite book is my Bible.  If the question were my most read book, again, my Bible would definitely be the victor.   What is UBER cool is that I can use YouVersion on online at home or on my new iPod Touch (which I won on  So, I can carry an ENTIRE BIBLE in my purse in less than 4 ounces!  Yah!


Aside from my Bible, when the question is posed, the first non-fiction book that pops into my head is the one that Hubs and I just finished together, Rocking the Roles: Building a Win-Win Marriage.


Product Description

THE TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE NEVER WAS THE BIBLICAL MARRIAGE. Ozzie and Harriet are gone. And with them, the idea that the traditional marriage is the only right way. Yet, today’s couples are also discovering that the “roleless” marriage in which everything is equal, with no distinction between male and female, isn’t all that satisfying either.

Rocking the Roles examines what the Bible really has to say about the male and female roles. A far cry from the restrictions of the traditional marriage or the formlessness of modern marriage, this approach offers a perfect blend of structure and equality, balance and beauty. It explores: 1) Common myths and misunderstanding about marriage roles 2) ‘Core’ roles that don’t limit choices but help prioritize commitments, energy, and time 3) What husbands and wives most need to understand about each other 4) What the “S” word-submission-is and is not 5) Spiritual leadership as practical responsibility, not privileged rank 6) How to transform your marriage by applying these practical, biblical principles to day-to-day life.

So if you want a marriage in which fairness, respect, and support operate equally between you and your partner, it’s time for Rocking the Roles-and for discovering God’s radical, inspired, and timeless design for lasting marriage.

We read Rocking the Roles because our small group was going to cover it this fall.  While our small group got put on hold because of Hubs travel schedule (which borders on lunacy), we chose to finish the book.  Am I ever glad we did.  As a result of reading it, our communication with each other has improved.  Our expectations of each other are realistic. We already had a good marriage.  But, with Rocking the Roles, we are improving on good.  If you would like to improve your marriage, or save it if it’s in trouble, I would highly recommend Rocking the Roles.

Vying  for top spot in the fiction category is a trifecta of thrilling novels…

Executive Privilege by Jay BrandonExecutive Privilege was my introduction to the writings of Jay Brandon, and can I say how glad I am to have made the acquaintance?  I consumed the 414 pages of this novel with gusto, and it left me craving more.

More Than It Hurts You by Darin Straussa psychological novel that touches on marriage, mental illness, and so much more.  I read this novel in two days flat.  After reading this, you feel as if you personally walked with the characters and it leaves you a little heartbroken for them.  Simply riveting.

Unpretty by Sharon Carter Rogersa gripping novel of suspense.  This is not your grandma’s Christian fiction!  This novel will grab your intellect with one hand and your heart with the other and grip them tightly throughout all 320 pages!

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What is your favorite book(s).

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  1. I have that bible ap on my iTouch too! We use it for quick look ups during school.

  2. After the holidays I think I’m going to join in this meme. It’s fun learning more about people. I’m going to look into Rocking the Roles, sounds great!

  3. Very cool! My husband has the bible on his Android and I think that is just awesome. 🙂