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All About Me Meme- Day 19

Woot.  It’s Day 19 of the All About Me Meme, and today I get to share with you a talent of mine.  Considering that I am a multi-talented kind of gal, it is difficult to choose just one to share.  But, since I rarely share my poetry online, I thought I would share with you a poem, Too Late, that I wrote in 2000, shortly after I moved to Chicagoland.  It was published in 2006 in a volume of poetry.

Too Late

My feet upon the shore, I look into the lake
And see the fire lit bodies, with fear froze on their face
Their glacial stares now catch my eye
Through the silence, I hear the echo of their cries
Men of all ages, with unrealized hopes and dreams
Their hearts cry out, now accusing me
Women of all races, with eyes frozen in fear
The substance of their terror contained in unshed tears
Children of all places, with unspent lives
Look upon the table of my heart with questioning eyes
Each now within the enemy’s grasp
The echo of their cries now seem to ask
”Where were you with your risen Lord
but with your feet safe upon the shore
while twisted and dying we drown in this, hell’s lake
because of your silence, for us, it is too late!”

“Go into all the world and
preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15

Virginia Shimchick Higgins, circa 2000

What are your hidden talents?

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  1. I love poetry! My husband has written me some amazing poems, great talent.

  2. I love poems!! I write poems too! Loved this one! thanks for sharing one of your many talents with us!