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All About Me Meme- Day 15

Okay, I am a few days behind on my All About Me Meme, and today I am picking up on Day 15, which is “your dream house.”  I am behind in the All About Me posts partially because I spent forever looking for the photo for this post.  I just had two photos in my hands last week of this house.  I finally had to admit defeat and google it.

The house I am about to show you is one that I have oohed and aahed over for YEARS.  It is down the street from my late Uncle Elmer’s home in Mound City, IL.


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I adore the colors of the house, as well as that round spire looking thing.  I have long wanted to tour this home, but have never had the nerve to go up and knock on the door.  I love the look of  Victorian homes.

That being said, I think the house that I have now is pretty cool.

About a year before Hubs and I met, I had visited a friend and her family in their home in northern Illinois.  That house was GRAND.  I mean, absolutely gorgeous.  It was newly built, had fabulous architecture, and is quite literally one of the prettiest homes I have ever been in.  At the time, I was struggling to pay off my debts, as well as the debts that I incurred in efforts to keep my late Grandma’s property from being sold to cover debts that she owed at the time of her death.

As I drove away from my friend’s home that day, I remember thanking God for the way he was blessing her and her husband.  And then I said, “Lord, give me a home. I don’t need anything grand.  I just want a modest home at the end of a street somewhere, where I can raise my kids and let them play outside, and not have to worry about the neighbors.”

The Lord answered that prayer, when Hubs bought our home a year before we were married.  I now live in the home that I prayed for.  It’s nothing grand.  Just a modest home.  On a cul de sac.  Where I can let my kids play outside.  And not worry about the neighbors.  So, while the house in the photo above is my fantasy house, the home I have now is all I ever wanted.   Unless, of course, the two story house up the street from us ever goes up for sale.  LOL.

What is your dream home?

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  1. That wraparound porch is what I really love!!!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the wrap around porch!! That is what i will have one day 🙂 Beautiful dream home!!

  3. So pretty. I would choose this as well

  4. Very cute! It has a great storybook castle kind of feel to it.

  5. I love the outside look of Victorians as well. This one is very unusual with the rounded spire (?) I love when they are painted in period colors, they don’t call them painted ladies for nothing! the few I have been inside have small tiny rooms, but I suppose the larger foot-print ones have larger rooms? Fairy tails dreams 🙂 I am not a fan of most of the furniture of that time ( the upholstered) they look too stiff & fragile. I like big soft & lived in, nothing fancy pants for me . ~hugs~