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All About Me Meme- Day 10

I am really late with today’s All About Me post.  We had a busy day, what with sewing the drapes and all.  Then we watched a movie as a family in the backyard.  I had to take a trip down memory lane for today’s All About Me Meme topic, which is “Day 10 – a photo taken over 10 years ago of you”

First up, a photo of me with my five siblings.  I am the oldest girl in the bonnet in the photo, and was two years old at the time.


I think I was about ten in the second photo.  My Mom always left it up to me whether or not I wanted to wear a wig.  Sometimes I chose to, and sometimes not.  Obviously, in this photo I chose both.


For my eighth grade graduation dance, I wore a stunning dress that was donated by Merve Griffith Enterprises to the National Foundation for Ectodermal Dysplasias.  The dress, which was worn by Vanna White on an episode of Wheel, was auctioned off and the purchaser graciously gave it to me to wear to my dance.  The only stipulation was that I send him and his wife a photo of me in the dress.  This is the one I sent.


My sister and I, along with one of her high school best friends, Angela, attended a Christmas dinner together, where we all three dressed alike.  I’m the one on the right.


Here I am with my nephew, Dustan, at the same function.


Our high school had a Sadie Hawkins type dance, which was called Twirp.  The next photo is my sister and I at Twirp in 1993.  We both had our own dates, but couldn’t resist having our photo done together.  The Vice Principal of our High School called us the Sunshine Sisters.  You can see why by our 1000 watt smiles.  I am pictured on the right.


I went against the flow with the dress that I designed for my Senior Prom.  Prom dresses at my high school were typically the old Scarlett O’Hara six hoop dresses.  I refused to wear hoops, so I designed a floor length fitted gown with a a four foot train on the back.  I had asked for the train to be detachable and the seamstress made a mistake and permanently affixed it to the dress.  Well… it was permanent until a friend accidentally stepped on it at prom and pulled it loose.  She thought I would be angry, but I just laughed and said, “Well, I asked for it to be detachable, and now it is.”


Below is one of my senior pictures.


In 1996, I was the first in my family to graduate college as a nurse.


In 1998, a few months after becoming a Christian, I was baptized in El Rio de Torola in El Salvador while on a missions trip.


I move to Chicagoland in 2000 with a job transfer.  There I was part of a fantastic singles group, and pictured with me here are two of the gals from the group, Yovana (left) and Annie (center).


Are you playing along with the All About Me Meme?  If so, let me know, I would love to come see your pictures!

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  1. Kari Goben-Henry says:

    Fantastic pics! I hadnt seen most of them, I think just the one of your nursing school graduation. You have done so well for yourself.

    • Hey, Kari! Thanks for stopping by my site! Isn’t funny how pictures bring back such vivid memories? How are you, anyway?

  2. These pictures are great. Some of them I may have seen but some not and I appreciate you sharing them with us. You all still pretty much look the same only I am so used to you all without the wigs, it seems funny to see you in them. Love You All either way….This was fun…SUE