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Alberto VO5 Salon Series Review #myVO5

Press Sample
When you have thick, wavy, coarse, heavy, long hair like mine…it is difficult to get it to, well…do anything! I constantly have to change hair products, it seems that within a few months of using something my hair becomes lifeless.  Sigh, a never-ending battle. The only products that seem to work well are salon-grade, and that gets expensive…quick! I was happy to recently be introduced to an affordable option,  Alberto VO5‘s Salon Series Line!


VO5 Salon Series™ professional shampoos, conditioners, hair styling and treatments are vita-rich with a unique blend of 11 lightweight, 100% natural vitamin oils and 5 Essential Vitamins™ to fortify and moisturize hair for salon beautiful results from roots to ends™

I was sent the following VO5 Salon Series Shampoos and Conditioners:

  • Smooth + Sleek
  • Color Shield + Radiance
  • Full Body + Shine
  • Hydrate + Nourish

I was also sent the following  VO5 Styling Products:

  • Total Recovery Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
  • Perfect Hold Styling Gel
  • Perfect Hold Styling Mousse
  • Perfect Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray
  • Perfect Hold Styling Hairspray
  • Anti-Frizz & Shine Styling Cream
  • Simply Stunning Leave-In Conditioner

I have used Alberto products in the past and was never completely satisfied , I remember the shampoo and conditioner consistency being very watery and my hair was always oily and felt weighed down. With this new line there are many apparent changes and improvements, which made me eager to give Alberto V05 another chance.

I first set out to try the Color Shield + Radiance Shampoo/Conditioner as I had highlights done a month ago. I immediately noticed that the shampoo and conditioner were both much thicker than previous products I had used. The smell is very pleasant as well. After shampooing and conditioning my hair I applied the Total Recovery Deep Conditioning Hair Mask and allowed it to sit on my hair for approximately 5 minutes while I finished my shower; I immediately felt the difference in my hair as it was so much softer and lighter! Upon styling my hair I decided to apply a small amount of the Anti-Frizz & Shine Styling Cream to my damp hair. After lightly blow drying my hair I could see the highlights really seemed to stand out, and has seemed noticeably less frizzy! The only downfall was by the next evening I had to wash my hair again because it was back to feeling very heavy; but for 24 hours my hair felt and looked great!

After using the Color Shield + Radiance for about 5 days I decided it was time for a change, so I switched to the Hydrate + Nourish , and boy am I glad I did, I am in love! My hair feels great after washing! My hair initially after washing was pretty tangled ; so now after my hair has been washed  I apply the Simply Stunning Leave-In Conditioner and my problem has been solved! Frequently before work, I will toss my hair into a tight bun so it is not in my face, on these days Anti-Frizz & Shine, Perfect Hold Style Mousse and Perfect Hold Styling Hairspray have been perfect in keeping my hair shiny and frizz free throughout the day and when I take my hair out in the evening it is actually very soft and has been easy to style the following day without washing!  

My mom has always struggled with very dull looking hair that never has no body to it. I decided to let her try the Full Body + Shine Shampoo/Conditioner. She has been using these for the past 2 weeks and could not be happier! Her co-workers even noticed that her hair actually has shine to it now and no longer looks lifeless! She plans to continue using the Full Body + Shine products indefinitely!

The Smooth + Sleek line worked great with my hair as well; leaving it feeling light and soft.
VO5 Salon Series

I have also used the Perfect Hold Styling Gel and Perfect Hold Non-Aerosol Hairspray to help tame my hair the days I just leave it wavy and these have helped tremendously!

My Thoughts

I am impressed with the V05 Salon Series Line, for me it is now an affordable option for my hair to look and feel great! I plan to continue using this series. Even if in the future I have to change shampoo and conditioner (which I hope it won’t happen) I will definitely not be changing styling products, the VO5 Salon Series Line is excellent! I highly recommend giving this new line a try, I hope you are impressed as I am!

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  1. I admit I think I had the wrong impression of V05! My great grandmother used to use this and I thought it was an old lady shampoo! But I think I was really wrong! They look awesome!

  2. VO5 has been around awhile. I remember my grandparents having it too (like Amanda noted above me). We’ve bought it from time to time too, in fact, there’s a bottle of it in our guest bathroom shower. 🙂 I’m glad to hear you like the new line improvements. 🙂 This is not the kind we have, but I’m happy to try it too.

  3. I used to use VO5 products all the time, but now I get keratin treatments at the salon, so I need to use a special protein shampoo.

  4. I’ve seen this when I was younger, but it seems like I don’t see them in grocery stores anymore. But maybe someday they’d export again to my country!

  5. Your hair looks fabulous! Looks like I need to pick some up the next time I am at the store.

  6. I have never use Alberto Vo5 before! Heard some great reviews about them though!

  7. My grandmother always used VO5, maybe that is why I stopped using it when I was a teenager, LOL. While I moved on to whatever all the other girls were using at the time, one product of theirs I have always used is their Hot Oil Treatment…it does a great job on my hair. Will try the new line, too:)

  8. Sounds like you found the right products for your hair! My hair is the opposite, straight, smooth & unable to be curled for long 😛

  9. I’ve always loved V05 products and I’m glad that they have such an extensive line of products for all hair types. I really like the way their shampoo smells.