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Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra with Familiar Favorites Review

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I was recently asked to review the Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra with the Familiar Favorites scents.  Along with the Freshmatic Ultra dispenser, I also received two scent canisters: Cinnabon and Baby Magic. I opted to use the Cinnabon scent for now, simply because I tend to gravitate toward the homey, comforting smells.  And, honestly, while I enjoy the Baby Magic scent in general, I find it most appropriate for a baby nursery or day care, versus the entire main living area of my home.

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Within an hour of activating the dispenser, my living room, entry way, kitchen, and dining room smelled like the Heavenly scent of Cinnamon rolls.  Seriously Airwick- is it possible to gain weight from a smell?  Because if so, I’m sure I am!  The dispenser works great and evenly and consistently disperses the scent throughout the area. My only complaint is that the noise the dispenser makes at regular intervals when spraying the air freshener out is rather loud.  No joke- the first night we had the dispenser out, after the kids went to bed and the house was quiet, my husband and I both jumped inches off the couch when the dispenser activated and made it’s spraying sound.  I’m sure if anyone was watching us as we jumped, they’d have found it quite humorous.  Since that initial incident, we’ve been quite entertained watching our dogs get spooked every time the sprayer activates!  Horrible, I know.
Air Wick Freshmatic Ultra
Overall, we are very satisfied with this product, and it’s nice to have the consistent scent in our home, without needing to burn a candle.
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