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Affordable Artwork- On Display

acrylic painting

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the gorgeous artwork that my kids created with nothing more than stretched canvases, a paint paletteacrylic paints and painters tape.  Hopefully, you gushed over it like I did.  Just in case you missed it (or failed to gush) here’s another look at the two canvases together…

In order to put these bad boys on display, I had to find the perfect clock to go in between them… I literally searched and searched and searched.  I looked at all the local general merchandise and hardware stores. clock I even looked for a clock when we visited Kansas City.  Ugh.  I found one that I sort of liked online, but I only sort of liked it, and didn’t want to push the pay button on something I only sort of liked.  KWIM?

Then, the other day, I am out and about, and stopped by Big Lots to see if they have any more bamboo drawer dividers.  I had to steel the ones from my jewelry drawer for the kitchen reorganizing project I am working on (long story).  I’m walking through Big Lots, looking for the bamboo dividers and I see it.

The clock I want.  And it was only $25!

Of the thirty five large wall clocks they had, they only had one 24 inch wall clock like this one.  I really liked it.

I snapped a picture with my phone and sent it to Hubs, asking if he liked it, too.  Then I started to roam the store, waiting for his reply.   When I didn’t receive a reply within a few minutes, as I usually do, I figured he must be at lunch or something.  I didn’t want anyone else to buy it while I waited, so, I went back over, put the clock in my cart, and started roaming some more.  After about twenty minutes, I still hadn’t heard from him.   I asked an associate if I could return the clock if my husband hated it.  She laughed and said yes, I could return it within thirty days with a receipt.  I bought it.


He liked it. It is now on our wall, flanked on either side by a masterpiece.


For the meager investment of $26.18 in art supplies, four afternoons (one for Hubs to paint the canvases black, two for the kids to paint the canvases, and then one to hang everything) and $25 for a clock, we went from a blank wall to this…


In the process, I was able to make some awesome memories with my kids as I taught them about art and had plain good fun.


Eat your heart out, Monet!

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