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Affordable Artwork- Off with the Painters Tape

18 x 24 canvasIf you’ve been following, you know that I set out to have my kids turn a pair of stretched canvases into wall worthy art with nothing more than a paint paletteacrylic paints and painters tape.  Now that the paint has dried, the time has come to remove the painters tape.  I almost hated to remove the tape, because the canvases are beautiful, even with it in place.

I was afraid I would somehow mess up the canvases while peeling tape, so I set Hubs to the task of removing it (I didn’t want to be the guilty one if the canvases were ruined).  Of course, I knew Hubs would be careful, and there was no chance the canvases would be ruined if he were the one peeling tape.

painters tape

I was simply amazed when the tape was completely removed from both canvases.  They are GORGEOUS.

acrylic painting

Here’s a few close-ups…

acrylic paintingacrylic paintingacrylic painting

You can see, in the photo on the far left, where the saturated tape allowed a small amount of paint to seep through.  No big deal, I think it adds character to the canvas.  Every time I look at them, I am just overwhelmed.

My kids painted those.

They are two and four.

I’m sorry folks, but Van Gogh pales in comparison.

I can’t wait to get the canvases up on the wall.

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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