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Affordable Artwork- The First Canvas

18 x 24 canvasI told you, yesterday, about our decision to let Mister and Sister paint canvases for our living room, because I couldn’t find affordable artwork (see that post here).  Once the paint dried on the canvases, and the painters tape was applied to create a design that we liked, we set them aside until Art Project Day.

I try to do an art project with the kids once a week.  Some weeks there are more, and some weeks it just doesn’t happen, but I do try.  Anyway, when Art Project Day came around, it was time to set the kids loose on one canvas.

I chose to do one stretched canvas at a time because A) my kids are two and four, B) I had a headache, C) my kids are two and four, D) the wet canvas has to be stored on top of our washer until it dries, and E) my kids are two and four.

Did I mention that my kids are two and four.

At least, until next month.  Anyway.

Once they got over the fact that I was only going to allow them to paint one canvas, they set to work on it…

IMG_886518 x 24 canvas18 x 24 canvas

I gave them each a paint palette and added the acrylic paints they picked.

It was interesting to watch them paint together.  They were both very intentional about what they were doing, and yet, so different in their approach.  Mister would apply a dab of paint in one spot, then a stroke of paint in another.  Sister would look at his, give her approval, and add another broad stroke where she was at.   I had to turn the canvas periodically, because while Mister would paint wherever, Sister kept painting the same spot… over… and… over… and… over.   So, I just gave her a new spot.  LOL.

acrylic paintsacrylic paintacrylic paint

At first, I thought she was painting in one spot because that was all she could reach.  I told her she could move her chair, or go to the other side of the table, but she didn’t want to.  When I asked her why she kept painting the same spot, she said, “eecuz I making it purrrfect.”  I noticed she didn’t like it when the paint got on her skin.   Mister didn’t care, and was all elbows in, if YKWIM.

They both enjoyed combining colors, and painting over one color with another.  Mister liked dragging his brush through several colors to see what happened.  After about thirty minutes (and three paint refills), though, they both announced that they were done painting.  So, it was off to the tub for them, and off to the laundry room for the canvas, so we could wait for the paint to dry.

I was eager for the paint to dry, so we could start the second canvas on our next Art Project Day.

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. Okay first of all….I LOVE THE NEW BLOG LOOK!!! Second, what a great idea. I have a little artist in my home so that is a project that would go over great here.

  2. That is just so cool! It makes me laugh how their styles are so different. And the place looks terrific, V!!!!

  3. I can not wait to see the finished artwork. And isn’t it amazing how different our children can be?

  4. I can’t wait to see the results. Great, creative, original idea!