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I Took the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

Recently, my husband I made the decision to start getting healthy.  When I say we made the decision to start getting healthy, let me just establish something: my husband does virtually nothing. He goes to work, he comes home, and he does yard work once a week.  I, on the other hand, am a runner.  I completed a 15k and my first half marathon last fall, and my goal for 2014 is to run at least one mile outside every day in the calendar year.  So far, I have run 141 days straight, and I lost count of my miles.  Although my lifestyle has become very active, we have continued to eat as we always have: lots of pasta, dessert a few times a week, and way fewer fruits and veggies than what’s recommended.  As I learn more about general health, I’m realizing that the things we are eating, although generally lower in fat, could be contributing to our tendency to being overweight.

That being said, in an effort to become more healthy, we decided to make the switch to clean eating in February.  That change was largely spurred by my decision to take part in an Advocare 24 Day Challenge. What is that, you ask?  The 24 Day Challenge is a combination of a 10 day cleanse and 14 day burn phases designed to increase overall health (your immune system resides in your gut, so cleansing increases gut function, thereby increasing overall wellness), and get your metabolism revving to help your body burn fat and absorb nutrients the way that it was designed to in order to fuel itself and have energy.

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Here is what I used during my challenge:

  • Spark– awesome energy drink!
  • Omegaplex– Omega 3 supplement that supports overall health and immunity
  • The Herbal Cleanse– herbal cleanse caplets, probiotic, and fiber drink
  • MNS e– metabolic nutrition system that provides loads of energy and revs up your metabolism so your body is using its fuel more efficiently
  • Meal Replacement Shakes– enough said.  Sometimes I just get too busy to cook

What I really wanted to accomplish during this challenge was to increase my overall health, improve some GI issues I’ve had forever, and hopefully bust my stinking post-baby weight loss plateau.

Would you believe I got it?  I did.  My first clue that something had changed as a result of the challenge was the fact that I wasn’t suffering from daily lower abdominal upset.  Also, my mood improved drastically, I felt like I had enough energy to get through my days without a nap, and when I started to get a respiratory infection for the 4th time in 3 months, it went away within 2 days without meds, versus a week+ with antibiotics.  Sweet!

Oh, you want to know about weight loss?   Well, honestly, I have no idea how much I lost.  I decided when I was pregnant with Ms. A that I wasn’t going to be ruled by the scale any more, so I go strictly by my measurements.  During the 24 day challenge I lost- get ready for this- 5 inches off my hips, 2.5 inches off my waist, 2.5 off my chest, and a half inch off each of my biceps.  Craziness!  I lost one whole pants size!

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I’ve decided to stay on some of Advocare’s products simply because I feel so good on them, and in fact, my husband- the one who is resistant to physical activity- decided that he wanted to do a full challenge with me and see if he can jump start his own health and wellness!  I’m so excited to see his results, and naively think I might be able to lose more than he can!  Don’t rain on my parade…I know he has man superpowers that will help him lose more weight, but a girl can dream, right?!

So, are you ready to jump start your health and fitness??  I’d love to answer any questions you might have about Advocare!  Shoot me a message in the comments section, and check out the Advocare Products!  I hope to hear from you soon, and I promise to update you with my husband’s (and my second) 24 Day Challenge results as they come in!

***Disclosure- I am an Independent Advocare Distributor.  I became one after I did the first 24 Day Challenge because I love the product and really believe in it.  I use the products daily.***

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
About Abby

Hey, all! My name is Abby. I am thirty years old and I live near St. Louis with my amazing family: my hot husband, and my three lovely daughters K (9 years), M (7 years), and A (2 yrs). I have the privilege of staying at home with my three girls and I wouldn’t change it for the world! Some of our hobbies include, but are not limited to: coloring, taking nature walks where we pick up every. single. bug. and blow every. single. dandelion. (No really- to live the carefree life of a child!), and play dress-up. My husband and I are youth pastors at our church, and I am currently training for my first half marathon! Yikes!


  1. My husband drinks a lot of energy drinks, so I will have to tell him about this one.

    • Definitely! My husband converted! When I started drinking Spark my husband thought I was dumb, and he told me he never would because there was no way it would work better than Mountain Dew or Monster. HA! Challenge accepted! He FINALLY tried it and he called me from work (he works in a retail pharmacy…with very crabby customers) and told me that he’d gladly replace all other energy drinks because for the first time in a long time he felt happy at work and way more energized (and for a longer period) than he normally is! I win! haha!

  2. Congratulations on that weight loss. You look awesome.

  3. You look great!!! My husband will talk about, but he’s definitely NOT about it! LOL. I wish he would change his eating habits. Congrats on your accomplishments thus far! Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh my goodness…men. It’s like they get used to not having to do much to maintain a nicer figure their entire lives, so in the case of my husband, he’d definitely started to gain around the middle and was totally unsure how to even go about losing it! I’m proud of him that he has taken the first step (he’s doing the challenge AND running…because he thinks he’s join going to beat me there too!), but that sucker has already- in 3 days!- started seeing changes in how his pants fit! NOT FAIR! lol

  4. great job on the weight loss.

    • Thank you! This definitely was NOT a magic set of products…I’ve definitely worked my tail off (literally! haha!)!!

  5. I like the sound of the herbal cleanse. I’ve always wanted to do one!

  6. Those signs are definitely improvement. Woohoo for that! And what is UP with men and their ability to drop the LB’s so fast?!

  7. I’ve heard great things about Spark and have a lot of friends that really like it! glad you had such great success!

  8. Kelley Johnsen says:

    I am happy that you found some relief and made some great fitness changes. Its never to late to change your fitness and activities, great job!

  9. I have heard a lot about Advocare. I think I need to look into it more to jump start our health.

  10. Once I started eating low carb/whole foods as much as possible, I feel better and my body looks better. Pasta and bread really make me feel terrible. This sounds like a cool product!

    • Yeah! AdvoCare promotes clean eating, which is basically fresh, no white (sugar, white flour, etc), and lots of lean protein and veggies! Combine that diet with exercise and great supplements that promote overall health and you have a winning combination!

  11. I’ve been thinking abotu trying their products. My friends have had great success!

    • Id be happy to send you more information if you’d like, Krystal! There is really something for everyone!

  12. I have been hearing a lot about cleanses lately. These sound like great products. Congrats on your weight loss!

    • This one is awesome because you can eat real food while you’re doing it! That was one thing I was so worried about when I was looking through other products…the food. Well…that and I was concerned I would be tethered to the toilet, which I was not. But yeah! I ate fruit, veggies, meats, sweet potatoes, almonds…I never felt hungry!

  13. You really look great and that is the best advertising you can do for your business. This sounds like it could be a great product for those looking for that type of help.

    • THe great thing is, there is really something for everyone! This is a health and wellness company, and weight loss/management is just one small piece. I love their multivitamins, and to date, omegaplex is one of my favorites.

  14. You look wonderful! I’ve never heard of this! I need to get back to my prepregnancy self. After having 6 kids I’m just not where I should be! I want to switch to clean eating too, I just need a push!

  15. How wonderful that this got your husband excited to make such a big change!! I love whem something big like that takes place!

    • Thanks! I’m SO happy he’s convinced himself to start being more active and get healthy!

  16. It is alway great to have supplements that help you in your weight loss program. Adding these really looks like it helped! Congrats!

  17. Getting in shape and sustaining that momentum can really be very challenging. I can see that you are really a great and positive influence to your husband. It’s good to see couples helping each other especially when it comes to getting healthier and fitter. 🙂

  18. I think you are doing great. I keep saying I want to get healthy but for some reason I’m having a hard time sticking to it. But I’m promising myself I am going to do better. Congratulations on your progress!

    • Thank you! Advocare provides coaching and support for people looking to elicit change in their eating and lifestyle habits! So you don’t do it alone! If you want more information, I’d be happy to send it to you!

  19. I really need to check into it, especially the Spark drink. I wonder how much caffeine is in them compared to a strong cup of coffee? LOL! I know though, that it has tons of vitamins in it (which coffee doesn’t have).

    • It actually has more caffeine than one 8 oz cup of coffee, but I don’t know how you drink coffee- I would drink a whole pot to sustain me throughout the day (or 5 diet cokes!). I find I do not need more than one spark to give me energy, though! Check out my site (I linked to it in the post) and read the description about spark! It is a best selling product for a reason!

  20. That is incredible how much running you’vedone! Keep up the great work!

  21. Good luck with the challenge with the hubby! You can do it!

    • He’s totally going to beat me in weight/inches lost, but that’s ok! Im excited to get (more) fit together!

  22. You can really see such a dramatic difference in those before and after pictures! You look fantastic and it sounds like you feel pretty fantastic, too, which is such a great feeling to have, especially when it’s from exercising and choosing to eat the right things!

  23. That’s an impressive change for the challenge!!! I’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse

    • If you’d like more information about this one, Brett, I’d be happy to send you info!

  24. Wow…those are some great results! Fantastic job! We too have been doing the eat healthy thing lately…It’s amazing how much better you feel when you bother to pay attention to your fuel.

    • Definitely! I’ve known for a long time that eating better would help us out, and give us more energy, but now that we are actually doing it, I wonder why we waited so long?!

  25. Congrats on the weight loss! My husband is also one who likes to talk about working out and eating healthy but then he comes home from the grocery with donuts, doritoes, and ice cream!

  26. I’m not a fan of energy drinks and supplements, but I’m glad that it helped your family get healthy! Congrats on completing a 15k and half marathon!

    • I wasn’t either, but Spark is really no different than drinking a couple cups of coffee…except that its full of vitamins A, B, and C, which coffee obviously lacks 🙂 Thanks!

  27. Congrats on the weight loss! You look great by the way! It’s great to find a regimen that works for you

  28. Great job. You can’t argue with those results for sure. Advocare sounds great.

    • Thank you! Please feel free to check out my Web site (linked in post) for more information!

  29. Wow, your inches lost is impressive! I’ve been really working on getting back into shape this year, but I’ve hit a bit of a plateau. I should look into something like this.

    • Check it out! You can find out info and buy directly from my site that i linked to in my post. This was my plateau buster FOR SURE! I was really frustrated before doing this, butI finally feel like Im back on track to fitness!

  30. This sounds great. Can you use it while nursing?

    • You can! I actually did my 24 day challenge while I was nursing my daughter! Things like Spark have caffeine in them, so if you are avoiding caffeine while nursing, that might be something you’d want to avoid, but otherwise they are totally safe! My only hesitation with doing any type of program to lose weight while nursing is the fact that if you cut your calories too much while nursing, you could see a dip in production. I do feel as though this program is preferable because: 1) you are going for quality calories to fuel your body vs overall calorie cutting (I didn’t count calories at all while doing this), 2) the emphasis is on choosing your foods wisely and getting active, and 3) this isn’t a magic pill- you will be simply giving yourself a leg up and boosting your overall health, which leads to weight loss/management.

  31. I’ve heard lots of good things about Advocare! I’m so glad that it has worked well for you. And running 141 days in a row is AMAZING! Keep up the excellent work!

    • Thank you! I love the running, that’s for sure!! Fast, slow…doesn’t matter…it’s my “me time”!

  32. Cool! I’m interested in the cleanse. I hadn’t heard of Advocare. Thanks for the breakdown.

  33. Congrats!It isn’t easy to shed those pounds. Have to share this with a buddy who has been struggling with his weight for a long time.