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As the homeschooling mom of a 4yo and a 5yo, with a new baby on the horizon in the house, I need trustworthy products that I can allow my children to use while I tend to the new baby. After quite a bit of research, I thought ABCMousewould be a perfect fit and was thrilled when I received the opportunity to review the learning website. has six academic levels on which their step-by-step learning path presents curriculum (in over 450 lessons) that is engaging, fun, and educational.  As a child completes one lesson, he is able to advance to the next lesson.  Mister loves that earns “tickets” in the Tickets and Rewards System.

The curriculum on includes lessons in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten levels in reading (i.e. language arts) including the alphabet, sight words, phonics, and children’s books; math including numbers, shapes, measurement, and patterns; social studies; basic science; art including drawing, coloring, tracing, paint-by-numbers; and music (children’s songs, etc).  The site offers progress tracking tools that allow you, as a parent, to monitor what activities your child has completed in each area, and measure how rapidly he child is progressing along the Step-by-Step Learning Path.

When I created the profiles for Mister and Sister, I placed him in the pre-k level an placed her in the preschool level.  While we are homeschooling and he is doing Kindergarten level language arts and first grade level math, I wanted to see how he was able to progress on his own.  She is doing preschool level work in homeschool, so the preschool level on should be perfect for her. Both loved learning to use the computer mouse, since our other educational programs do not require it.

using computer mouse

Mister’s progress  is shown on his profile as well as in the detailed progress report that I can view. level progress

The detailed progress report also shows me exactly what Learning Activities he has done. parent report

The parent report also allows me to look at how he is doing by subject. Subject Progress

Mister’s favorite part about is the hamsters. It’s all about the hamsters. Hamster

Using his tickets, that he has earned for completing lessons, he has built an elaborate cage system and bought new hamsters.  He loves to check on his hamsters, feed them, water them, and switch out their tubes and such to change the cage around.  The hamsters motivate him to complete more lessons, so he can get more stuff for them.  Mister loves his hamsters, and funnily enough, so do I.  Those little creatures keep him interested in the program, and I think having them on the site is a stroke of genius! is a subscription site.  While many educational sites are not subscription based, they are also not completely child safe in that they may contain links and/or advertisements that can lead your child away from their learning to other areas of the internet that may not be safe OR appropriate.  At, when your child is logged into their account, they will see no advertisements, no pop-up ads, and no links to other websites. guaruntees that your child’s information is safe and protected, never asks your child for personal information, and ensures a safe and secure learning environment.  In short, offers peace of mind, and that is worth paying for.

While I do not plan to stop using our homeschool curriculum, is filling in for me while I take a little hiatus to tend to our new little one.

Learn more by liking ABCMouse on Facebook And now you can win a subscription to to check it out for yourself. Enter below.

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  1. I love that there’s so many activities on each one, including songs, so the kids can do different things. I would love this and could never afford the fee (justify it anyway!) so I’d love to win! My 4 yo can read but I struggle to provide math ‘fun’ for her that doesn’t include cooking!

  2. Mami2jcn says:

    I really like the learning through songs. I think it would be great for my daughter.

  3. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    i didn’t realize there are also art and song activities. I’d love to try this with my son!

  4. nicole barr says:

    I like how they offer a variety of learning games

  5. I love that they integrate music and art into the curriculum 🙂

  6. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    I didn’t know that ABCMouse had a full on line curriculm.

  7. I like that we can track my son’s progress under ABC Mouse so I can see where his strengths and weakness lie.

  8. kelly tillotson says:

    i like all the different ways they can learn–and that they have printables too!

  9. Tammy1409 says:

    I love that there is no advertising that lures kids away from the site.

  10. I like that everything is broken down into levels & that music is included, my daughter loves things w/ music & songs

  11. Stephanie Larison says:

    I learned that the site has 6 levels, over 450 lessons, over 3000 learning activities. This would be great for my daughter!

  12. Audra Weathers says:

    My favorite feature is their math section; that’s what my daughter needs the most help with. My daughter would love that there’s also art and music.

  13. Ashley S says:

    more than 450 lessons in six levels!

  14. Lenora D says:

    I like the fact that is completely child with no ad or external links

  15. Lenora D says:

    sorry I meant child-safe.

  16. shirley says: offers peace of mind, and that is worth paying for.

  17. Leanne N says:

    I learned that the site has 6 levels, over 450 lessons, over 3000 learning activities. My cousin Elianna would love this!