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A Painting We Will Go

Hubs bought our house the year before we got married (in 2005), and the master bedroom is the only room of the house that he didn’t paint.  Our room has been the same shade of blue for evah.

blue master bedroom

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pretty shade of blue.  But, it’s a tired shade of blue.  As in, I was tired of it TWO years ago.  LOL.  When we decided to do the floors throughout the house, I thought it would be the PERFECT time to freshen the paint in our master bedroom.  Except that Hubs doesn’t like to paint.  So, I volunteered for painting duty.

Of course, that meant that THEY volunteered, too…

kids painting

I picked up a value pack of foam paint brushes and turned them loose.  I mean, let them paint.

I gave them the section behind the door to paint, so that if there were runs that I didn’t catch in time, no one would be any wiser.  Smart thinking, eh?

preschoolers painting

Day one went so well, they got to paint a second day.  Which I plan to include on my “Mother of the Year Award” application.

Oh MY!

By the end of day two, I felt like Mr. Miyagi.  “It’s all in the wrist…up, down, up, down, Daniel-San.” If I had a nickel for each time I said, “Up, down, up, down” I would have enough to pay for at least the stair nosing on the new flooring.  LOL.

All in all, I think they did great, and I love the new gray walls in my bedroom… paint runs and all.  Smile

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  1. no after picture???

  2. Melissa Bowers says:

    You’re a nice mom. Kids love to help with interesting projects around the house (now, if only they would show as much interest in picking up their toys!).