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A Lot A Bit Hot

This morning, the kids insisted on going to the playground.  I told them it was too hot outside to go, and my son says, “It’s not too hot, Mom, it’s just a little bit hot.”

As a woman who doesn’t sweat properly (I have Hay Wells Syndrome, to learn more, visit, I knew it would be torturous, but, I also know that I need to let Mister, who doesn’t sweat (he also has Hay Wells Syndrome), learn and set his own limits when it is hot outside.

So, I filled a MistyMate and we walked across the field to the playground.

They both went down the slide twice.


He tried to climb the jungle gym.

jungle gym

Then, from Mister… “Hey Mom, we need to go home, it is a lot a bit hot.”

For Mister, one of the first signs that he is overheating is that his ears turn red (flushed). It’s like there is a little fire in them!

ears red with overheating

Needless to say we walked back across the field to the comfort of central air.  Well, I walked, and they were carried.

Perhaps the next time they will believe me when I say it is too hot to go to the playground.

In the mean time, I will be soaking up the central air, and hoping this heat induced headache goes away quickly.

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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