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A long weekend in Branson

So, my husband and I met my husbands parents and sister in  Branson for a long weekend this last weekend.  It was truly a lot of fun.

On Saturday, we visited Kringles, which has the most amazing Christmas stores.  There is a gentleman in the Ornament shop that looks like St. Nicholas.  He held Selah for a picture and she did fine until she touched his long white beard.  Then she wailed like he beat her.  It was kinda comical.  My MIL, Barb, got the cutest picture of him holding her.  I can’t wait to get my copy. 

Then, Brian’s parents and sister watched the kiddos while Brian and I went to see Six perform.  What a FANTASTIC performance.  They are truly gifted family, and you couldn’t see a better show if you tried.  We bought all three of their CD’s.

On Sunday, we went to the Gospel Hour at the Dick Clark Theater.  It was a great service, and I was so glad that we were able to go to church while on our mini-vacation. 

For lunch, we went back to the Kringles square and ate at the Hard Luck Diner.  The server’s kept singing to Selah, because she was all smiles for them.  It was so cute.  My MIL, Barb, got some great photos which I will share when I get my copies (hint, hint, Barb)!

After lunch, we wandered around the square for a while, going in the different shops.  Man, if I had the money, I could have done some SERIOUS damage!

We ate dinner on the landing at Shorty Smalls. I informed our server, Abby, before we ordered that Zane has a peanut allergy.  She informed the entire kitchen staff to make sure that nothing containing nuts or that had touched anything containing nuts touch his food.  I was impressed.  Then, when it was time for dessert, she actually brought the fudge pop (which was included with Zane’s meal) to me to allow me to read the label before it was served to him.  Since the label said it could contain trace peanuts, I politely declined the dessert for him.  She offered to give him a scoop of ice cream instead.  I declined.  Well, I should have known that when MY blackberry cobbler arrived, Zane would want some.  So, I asked Abby if I could change my mind on the ice cream.  She had me walk with her to the back, pulled a five gallon bucket of ice cream out of the freezer, and let me read the label to make sure it was safe to give to  him.  It was.  So, Zane enjoyed a scoop of vanilla while I ate my blackberry cobbler.  The food, by the way, was absolutely delic!  The country fried steak the Brian ordered was big enough to feed all five adults at our table.  He happily shared with us, then gobbled it down.  LOL. 

Before we left, I spoke with the manager and informed her of how impressed I was with Abby’s attentiveness and efforts to make sure Zane was not exposed to any nuts. 

This whole nut allergy thing is new to us, and I am a little neurotic about it.  I’m so glad that Abby recognized the importance of it.

On Monday we visited the indoor water park, Splash Country, at Grand Country Inn.  It was a load of fun.  Here are a few pix of us there. 


Daddy, Zane, and Selah at the hotel.


Selah and Mommy in the lazy river tube.


Zane and PaPa Richard in the lazy river tube.


Selah in the wade pool, not sure if she’s having fun.


Selah in the wade pool, decided she’s having a blast.


Zane loved the slide!

While at the water park, I let Zane eat a cheese stick, which was apparently bad.  He threw up five times that night, four of which were on me.  Fun, fun.  

Since it rained Monday night, and since Zane was pukey, we stayed in for the evening.

Tuesday morning, before we left town, we went over to the Grand Country breakfast buffet.  Yummy!  Again, I informed the server of Zane’s nut allergy.  Within minutes, there was a staff member at our table, telling us which items on the buffet to avoid. 

We did hit one little snaffoo in our hotel accommodation when I attempted to shower after Zane threw up on me, and the shower pull broke from the tub faucet, leaving me to rinse vomit with a cup, since the shower wouldn’t work.  Ah well.  Since that was the worst thing that happened all weekend, it was a good time. 

On another note, I am slowly adding product to my store at Pretty Scrappy.  Stay tuned for previews!

Be blessed!

Lady V dZine

This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. AWESOME PICS, Virginia!
    Zane and Selah are so darn CUTE!!