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A long day…

Mister and Sister both had dental visits today.  I like to tell the kids at breakfast each morning what is on the agenda for the day, so this morning, I said to them, “After breakfast, we all have to get dressed so that we can leave. We are going to see the doctor today, then we will go to the grocery store.  If we have time, we will also go to Babies R Us to get pull ups.”

Mister asked, “Which doctor Mommy?”

We had just seen the pediatrician yesterday for Sister’s 18 month check up. 

So, I told him the name of the dentist.

To which he responded, “No, I not.  Grocery store Aldi, okay.  BB Us okay.  No doctor.”

Mister really hates going to the dentist.  Poor little guy.  Because of the Hay Wells Syndrome, he has very little enamel on his teeth, so he had already had three cavities filled.  Because he is resistant to care at the dental office, they have to put him on the papoose board and strap him in.  Which makes him all the madder!  Thus, he does not have a favorable impression of this particular doctor’s office.  He loves the doctor, just not her office.

After breakfast, I got the two of them dressed and we drove to the doctor’s office.  He was fine until it was time to sit in THE CHAIR.  Then he got hysterical.  I let the doctor know that he had recently told daddy to “brush softly” and that I was concerned about one of his upper left jaw teeth.  Sure enough.  He had another cavity forming.  Ugh.

So, he had to get it filled.



After we left the dentist office, he said, “Mommy, I said I no doctor.  Next time you listen to me.”

Poor little guy.  I remember all too well the trauma of having fillings and crowns at an early age.  Mister has more teeth now than I EVER had, and we want to preserve them as long as possible.  I was fitted for my first denture at the age of ten.  We are hoping to be able to keep his baby teeth that long, since he doesn’t have many permanent teeth buds on x-ray. 

By the time we got home after the grocery run, I was plum worn out. 

I still need to switch out Sister’s clothes (she’s moving up to a size 24 month from an 18 month).

I sat down to check my e-mail, and a regular Lady V dZine reader wrote to me and said,

“Perhaps Terro Pest Control makes a trap for Body Snatchers and you can put it next to your son at night :-)  Maybe he will then return to ‘normal’ by morning. “

I laughed so hard I nearly spit coffee on the computer screen.

I will check into that.

Thanks for the laugh, Carole, I needed it!

Be blessed, Virginia [aka Lady V dZine]

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  1. Carole Spring says:

    I’m glad I was able to bring a laugh to your day. It sounds like you truly needed one.

    I am sorry to hear that Mister has such problems with his teeth and is so hysterical about going to the dentist. I understand being scared of the dentist – I still am at my ‘older’ age, BUT I understand that dental check-ups and follow-throughs are important and necessary.

    However, young children don’t understand why they need to go to the dentist (or doctor) and they certainly don’t ken why Mom takes them somewhere that they dislike so much. I’m sure that the trip to the dentist today was not only difficult for your son, but also for you. Witnessing your son terrified and uncomfortable, while doing your best to give him good dental care, would not have been easy on any Mom.

    Reading about little Mister’s trip to the dentist brought tears to my eyes.

    My best to all of you.