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A Little Color Goes a Long Way!

I generally don’t wear makeup. I have been known to joke that I wear makeup for a wedding and a funeral… my wedding, my funeral. That being said, it’s been nearly seven years since I’ve worn anything more than lip balm. I have nothing against wearing makeup, other than the time it takes to apply it. I started wearing makeup in the second grade when I started losing the pigment in my face. Once all the pigment was gone, though, I didn’t feel the need to wear it anymore, because my face was even toned and my skin was nice. Lately, though, my face has been getting blotchy with allergies (and age) so I’ve been mulling over the idea of MAYBE getting some makeup. When BzzAgent gave me the chance to try COVERGIRL blastflipstick, I thought, “Why not?”

covergirl blastlipstick

Why not, indeed! It’s amazing (isn’t it?) what a little color can do!

Hubs came home from work minutes after I applied this, and his response? A huge smile and “Hey (insert wink here), what’s this all about?”

Yup, it was a winning shade.

Now I am not saying I am going to go all out glam, but I am THINKING of maybe adding some mineral based foundation to even out the blotchy stuff and MAYBE a bit of lipstick now and then. I did wear it to a party recently, where I was amazed that after nearly five hours of eating, talking, drinking hot coffee, eating, and talking I still had lip color.

What about you? Do you wear makeup?

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This site uses affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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  1. From what I can see, that color TOTALLY complements you! Love it!

  2. I have worn makeup since about 14! Now, I feel completely naked without it.