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A Baby Named Carrots

Not really.

We told Mister and Sister the new baby’s name, and one of them can’t say it very well.  This is hilarious!


Every time she says carrots, I can’t help but laugh!  I’ve been telling her, “It’s a baby, not a vegetable.”  LOL

As you know, I rarely (if ever) use Mister or Sister’s given names in my web posts, because I want them to be able to create their own digital footprint at the appropriate time.  I am trying to think of a nickname for baby online, and am coming up blank.


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  1. Ashley - Embracing Beauty says:

    That’s hilarious! Too cute! 🙂

  2. I think Carrot is the PERFECT nickname for her!

  3. Adorable! Love the name. I think Carrot is a great nick name for baby girl 🙂

  4. Soo cute!! I think carrots would be cute or maybe peas lol I was wondering what her nickname would be I kept trying to think what rhymes with sister and mister and kept thinking of blister. Lol

  5. Hahaha that was too funny, they are cute!

  6. So cute! My 2 year old can’t say Liam very well so consequently we have, “Baby Ham.” LOL I vote for using Carrot as her blog name – it makes for a great story! 🙂

  7. I think she already has one now, courtesy of Sister & Mister…lol

  8. That’s so funny. I was thinking nickname her carrots too although she might now be thrilled when she is older. My daughter wanted to nickname her brother “meatloaf.”

  9. I have to agree. Thanks to Sister, you have your nickname. Carrots, love it!

  10. How cute. :). Just wait until Carrots comes home!

  11. I’ll vote for “Twister” (keeping with Mister and Sister) since there will surely be a new twist on how things go around there!

  12. I think Carrot has to be the nickname too. And the video is way cute. <3

  13. Everything about this video is just adorable!

  14. Stuart (Daddy 4-Pigs) says:

    Love the video, too cute! Carrots has to be the new baby’s nickname! 🙂

  15. Lol! Your kids are too cute! It looks like you have a runner on your hands too! Caras is such a a pretty name (sp?). Hmm, Mister & Sister are hard to rhyme with – twister?

  16. That was adorable!
    I’m no help with nicknames for the blog. I was very unimaginative with my own kids. We have Big Brother, Little Brother, and Baby Brother. I figure that when they get older than can make up their own nicknames.

  17. Robin Wilson says:

    That is too cute! You are truly bless. I think Carrot has already “stuck” and besides it is a great nickname. I certainly cannot think of a better one now! Carrot has already stuck in My brain. Have a blessed rest of the week!

  18. Well, you could put a little twist on “carrots” and call her “Laura.” 😉

  19. Melissa Bowers says:

    This is really cute! I love kid pronunciations! My youngest enthusiastically called “dessert” “zer-RUT!” until just recently (and she’s almost four).