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6 crafts to do this winter break with your kids

Winter break may be much shorter than the summer break, but it can feel like longer than just the two weeks most school-aged children have off from school. Maybe it’s because the kids are inside most of the day because of harsh winter-weather conditions. Maybe it’s because the holidays are already a hectic time of the year. OR maybe it’s because you have no clue what to do with your kids to keep them occupied. Whatever the reason may be, the thought of not having things to do should never make you want to hide from your children during winter break. Check out these great, easy, cute crafts you can do with kids this holiday season.

Decorate a Mug

You will need paper stencils, tape, a plain, light colored coffee mug, and Sharpie markers in various colors. Tape the stencils to the mugs and have kids decorate them with the markers. If you don’t have stencils, you can let them free draw. To secure the ink to the mug, bake the mugs at 350 degrees for 20-35 minutes. Allow to cool completely before washing or using. These make great Christmas gifts for family or friends, too!  My kids really enjoyed this one!

Decorate a Mug

Make your own snow

Gather together soap flakes, water, liquid starch, and white powdered tempera. Mix the soap flakes with water until it makes a thick paste. Mix with a hand beater for extra fun (and to keep mess to a minimum). After your paste has formed, add a touch of liquid starch and the tempera. For added fun, allow your child to paint with this mixture to create their own designs. You can even make it thinner and place it into an old mason jar, lid on tightly, and create a homemade snow globe.

Paper plate Santa faces

You will need paper plates, cotton balls, red construction paper, black buttons, glue, and scissors. Have children glue Santa’s fluffy whitebeard on the paper plate by using the cotton balls and glue. Use the black buttons for eyes, and cut his hat out of the red construction paper. Glue cotton balls on the hat to make the fur-line trim and pompom at the top, then glue that on his head. Let children get creative and make their Santa as they wish, and provide them with ribbon and other materials to make each Santa face unique.

Make Paper Snowflakes

You will need paper, scissors, and a little creativity.  You may need to fold the paper for the kidlets, first, then give them kid safe scissors and let them cut away!  Of course, if you’re like me, you’ll have your own pair of scissors and paper to cut your own, too.  😀

cut a paper snowflake

Etched candles

You will need white or light colored candles, a butter knife, and markers. This is best for tweens or older children. Have kids scrape winter designs (or any design they want) into the candles with the butter knife. After the design is cut, have the children color the designs with their markers. For added effect, supply them with jewels and other small things they can use to decorate the candles. Instead of using glue to hold the jewels on, help the kids melt the wax of the candle just a bit and insert the object into or right on the candle, holding it in place with the melted candle wax.


Make homemade ornaments with ribbons, glue, crayons, paint, markers, scrap pieces of cardboard, tin cans, jar lids, and just about anything else you can find. Making ornaments from everyday object you find around the house can be simple and a great way to get rid of junk and make it into something useful. Check out my Three Ornaments You Can Make with Household Items post for inspiration!

egg carton bell

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