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3 Apps Essential for Traveling

Summertime is here and you have worked hard to enjoy a nice family vacation. Whether you dream of walking on the beach, camping in the woods, or taking in the day at a museum, that doesn’t mean you leave your tech at home. Most people travel with their smart phone, tablet, and even their laptop. There are a few great apps on the market that make traveling so much easier. Here are my top 3 Apps Essential for Traveling.

3 Apps Essential for Traveling

Oh, Ranger! ParkFinder™

When you have camping on your mind and want to try out different parks this year, the Oh, Ranger Park Finder app is a must to have on your devices. You can search by region or state and include activities that you want to do like hiking, fishing, bird watching, boating, and even caving. It pulls in the information from national and state parks and is really easy to search especially if you are driving down the road and want to see what is near you at that moment.


Swim Guide

When nothing but the water will do, you can search Swim Guide to find the nearest beach including those beaches at lake, city parks, and of course, the ocean. It also states what the current water conditions are and it also shows what there is to do nearby. They have gotten into the social game as well as it lets you invite your friends to come and hang out while you enjoy a little R&R in the sand.



The most essential app for any road trip is Gas Buddy. With one press of a button you can see all the gas stations in a 100-mile radius. It includes the price per gallon, the distance from where you are, and it has Google maps embedded so you can get there easily. If you don’t like the prices in one town, search around and see if you have enough gas to make it to the next town over. Sometimes you can save serious change by using this handy dandy app!


What are your favorite travel apps?

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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