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10 Christians Everyone Should Know

I’ve confessed it before… I’ve never been much of a history buff.  I did well in history in school, but only because I couldn’t stand to do poorly at anything.  I never really cared about the subject.

When we were growing up, Mom had a little rule of thumb for squabbles… “If it’s twenty four hours old, it’s cold, it’s in the past, leave it there.”  That is how I felt about history.  It was old and cold, and for the most part, I thought, “Meh, they’re dead, so who cares.”

That is, until this last year.

I realized, albeit a bit late in life, how much I could learn by examining the lives of others.  It started with a little book called Martin Luther had a Wife, which was recommended by my pastor.  As I read about the marital blunders made by of some of the heroes of the Christian, I was encouraged to protect my marriage in light of ministry.

When I received an opportunity to read 10 Christians Everyone Should Know, from BookSneeze® , I figured if I liked what I read about each of the ten, I could delve into their lives some more, but if not, I hadn’t wasted too much energy on reading about them.

The book is split into ten chapters, a chapter for each Christian that everyone should know.  Some of them are well known to many, some of them pretty obscure.  They include Saint Patrick, Galileo, Anne Bradstreet, John Bunyan, Johann Sebastian Bach, Jane Austen, D.L. Moody, George Washington Carver, Sergeant York, and William F. Buckley Jr.

I was most interested in the lives of Jane Austen and George Washington Carver.  I’ve long been a fan of Jane Austen’s literature, and enjoyed learning how her faith and her upbringing influenced her writings. I heard a quote, a few months back, that was attributed to George Washington Carver.  It was, “Lose, if need be, without squealing. Win without bragging.”  I’ve repeated the phrase often to my son, and wanted to learn more about the man who uttered it.  I had never heard of Sergeant York, but want to know more about him now.

All in all, the book 10 Christians Everyone Should Know is good book.  It is dry and slow in some places, but makes up for it in others.  I would recommend reading a chapter, then read something else, then come back for another chapter.  That’s what I did.  Of course, if you are a history buff, you could likely digest the book in an evening.  It took me a couple of weeks.

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Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
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