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Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair

I am someone who values baby items and furniture that can save me money, space and are multi-functional. When i was asked to do a review of the Ciao! Baby Portable High Chair it perked my interest because I hadn’t ever heard of the product and I was also going on a family trip soon and it would come in handy.

ciao baby chair

A few things that I love about this portable highchair;

It is easy and very lightweight to carry.  It comes with a matching carrying bag with a very comfortable handle that you can just sling on your arm to carry. In my opinion it is very lightweight and doesn’t feel any different than carrying a heavy purse.

It is simple and quick to setup and collapse. Once you pull out the chair from the bag, It opens easily and has a safety lock on each side of the chair to ensure it doesn’t collapse while your child is sitting in it.

safty latch on the ciao! baby portable high chair

It is shown un-secured so that you can get an idea of how it closes and releases. You simply push down until it clicks locked. To unlock you push in the button on the back and lift up.

It also has the option to purchase an umbrella that can clip onto the chair to protect your child from the sunlight. If you decide to  purchase this chair I feel its a must to add the umbrella to it for such a small extra expense. It blocks out the sun so there is less likely a chance for your child to be sun-burned while outside and its EXTREMELY adorable!

ciao! baby – The Portable High Chair with umbrella

The umbrella attaches to the chair securely with a clip.

umbrella clip on the ciao! baby Portable High Chairumbrella clip for  the ciao! baby  Portable High Chair

The tray has a very handy cup holder that works great for a cup or bottle.

cup holder on the ciao! baby  Portable High Chair

There were two things I really found that i did not like about this chair. One is how my daughter sits in it. She is 6 months old and sits perfectly fine in any other highchair, but with this being less ridged of a chair she slumps and leans and its just too big for her at this age to be helpful. I think it will work great once she is a year or two old.

Secondly, the leg holes are built into the chair so there is no removable parts to get your child in and out. You have to bend them into the chair and pull them out. Its easy now with a small baby but once an older toddler is in this chair it may not be so easy.

leg holes in the ciao! baby Portable High Chair


It comes in many colors, in mossy oak like shown and even in college team designs! It gives you the opportunity to show a little of your personality.

Overall I think that the Ciao Baby portable highchair is a great product for anyone who dines outside or travels often, but it is better suited for children that are a little older than my daughter.

Check out @ciaobabychair on Twitter and follow Ciao Baby Chair on Facebook for updates and specials!

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure. All opinions my own.

New School, New Nap Time

Special thanks to KinderCare for making this post possible.

Help everyone sleep well during the first few weeks back at school! Is your child starting school at KinderCare or attending other childcare?

New School, New Nap Routine

As he adjusts to a new naptime environment and new naptime routine, you are likely to see some changes to his sleep patterns. That can be an adjustment for parents as well as children.

During those first few weeks, he may stay awake later in the evening, or conk out on the car ride home! Here are a few tips to help you handle his sleep transitions…

New School, New Nap Routine @thatbaldchick
Give it a week or two.
• In her 21 years with KinderCare, Millie Boychuk has helped a lot of children get a good sleep at school, and helped many parents adjust their sleep patterns at home, too. Boychuk says that for most children, getting the hang of napping at school takes one to two weeks. So the first rule of transitions is to have patience!

Take note of her tired cues at home
• During those early weeks at a new school, it’s especially important to watch for your child’s individual indications of tiredness, rather than relying solely on the clock. She may be tired earlier (or later) than her usual bedtime—if she rubs her eyes, leans against your legs, or succumbs to a fit of over-tired giggles—follow her cues to bedtime.
• She should be back to a more typical napping and sleeping pattern within a few weeks.

Talk to teachers about the sleep routine
• In our infant rooms, naps are not scheduled: Each child naps according to her individual cues and need for rest. Talk to your child’s classroom teachers about what her sleep schedule looks like at school and how she likes to be soothed at rest time.
• Sharing what works at home, and learning what works at school, can help your baby find a good sleep rhythm in both places more quickly.
Adopt the class schedule
• In our toddler, preschool, and prekindergarten classrooms, nap or rest time typically begins around noon. At least initially, it might be helpful to stick to that same rest schedule when your child is at home.

New School, New Nap Routine @thatbaldchick

Don’t have a napper? Try resting quietly
• If your child does not take naps, but is in a classroom with children who do, try taking 30-45 minutes midday to rest quietly. You could lie down together and talk calmly, read a book, cuddle, color, or do another relaxing activity.
Stock up on special blankies
• You are always welcome to bring your child’s special bunny to school, but Boychuk recommends helping her to learn to sleep without it, in case bunny is forgotten one busy morning (it happens).
• If your child sleeps with one careworn blanket or beloved stuffed animal, consider expanding her range. At home, try introducing other blankets or lovies at bedtime or naptime. You might also consider buying a second (or third) of her loved object that can live in her classroom cubby.

Slowly change bed time
• After a few weeks at school, if you might find that your child comes home consistently tuckered out, she might need an earlier bedtime. Children who are sensitive to changes in their sleep schedule or who are accustomed to rigorous routines will likely benefit from a gradual adjustment. How do you do it? Shift your child’s bedtime 10 to 15 minutes earlier and adjust her waking schedule accordingly.
…Or a little more quickly
• For older children or kids without a strict bedtime, you can employ quicker time frame. Adjust bedtime by 20 to 30 minutes each night—or every few nights—until you’ve found a bedtime that leaves him better rested throughout the day.

Consider blackout curtains
• If you don’t sew, you may not know there is actually fabric made specifically to block light. Adjusting to a new bedtime can be more difficult for children who are attuned to the sun in the sky. Blackout curtains can help by blocking those streaks of light from sneaking through little gaps in the mini-blinds, making it easier for her to fall asleep and (maybe) stay asleep later.
Consider blackout curtains
• Sleep and school transitions can be tiring for the whole family.
Consider putting yourself to bed early, too. Pick a favorite book
and tuck yourself in. No playing Candy Crush until midnight!

See more at:


Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure. All opinions my own.

PLAY-DOH Jam Game App Review

Special thanks to Backflip Studios for making this post possible.  All opinions are my own.

My oldest two kids are six and seven years old. Finding game apps that I’m comfortable putting on their tablets and allowing them to play can be tricky. I recently found PLAY-DOH Jam, though, and it’s sure to become a fast favorite.

Play Doh Jam
PLAY-DOH Jam is available for both iOS and Android systems. Check out the PLAY-DOH Jam Game App Trailer

The game experience is personalized by your age, so be sure to enter that.

Play Doh Jam personalized by age

The concept of the game is pretty simple. The player simply guides their ball of PLAY-DOH through the course of obstacles, squashing monsters, and collecting points as they go.

Play Doh Jam Screen Play
The PLAY-DOH Jam world features an entire PLAY-DOH world, complete with hills, fun PLAY-DOH characters to make and collect, and monsters and obstacles to squash for hours of PLAY-DOH fun without the clean up!

Players control a ball of PLAY-DOH with their fingertip in the game. As the ball of PLAY-DOH rolls over the obstacles, it squashes them and collects the clay, so the ball of clay gets bigger. As the player progresses through the levels, some obstacles become point takers rather than point makers, like the giant maraca. When the player bounces his or her ball of PLAY-DOH off of one of them, it reduces the number of points collected. The point takers are indicated on screen by large red and yellow exclamation points.

Play Doh Jam Obstacles
You want to avoid the exclamation points! Everything else is fair game!

After you’ve collected enough points along the way, you can use your points to make different objects, like monsters. The more monsters you make, the more you have to squash!

Play Doh Jam OperatickPlay Doh Jam Tape Boi
You do have to make sure you keep your ball rolling forward, or your ball gets obliterated by the flowing PLAY-DOH lava.

Play Doh Jam Lava
If that happens, it’s game over!

PLAY-DOH Jam is a fun game and has been enjoyed by my whole family. Even my 2 year old has had fun pushing the ball across the screen with her finger. It’s fun to see how far each of us can get when we take turns.

Download PLAY-DOH Jam and see how fun it is for yourself!  Learn more about Backflip Studios and find other games to enjoy at

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure. All opinions my own.

Super Snack Mix Recipes

One of the things that we try to keep around during the school year is snack mix. I like to make my own, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite Super Snack Mix recipes.  The first one is the prettiest, and perfect for back to school.
Super Snack Mix Recipes @thatbaldchick

Super Snack Mix 1

You’ll need…
Chex cereal (I used chocolate flavor)
Pretzel sticks
Honeycomb cereal
Yogurt covered raisins
M & M’s (I use the pretzel variety)
“Scrabble” Cheez-Its

Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and ENJOY!

Our second super snack mix recipe is well loved by my 6yo chocoholic.

Super Snack Mix for Kids of All Ages @thatbaldchick

Super Snack Mix 2

You’ll need…
Honey Nut Cheerios
Mini Marshmallows
Teddy Grahams (I use the chocolate ones)
Mini Chocolate Chips (I use the semi-sweet kind)
Mini Pretzels

Combine the above ingredients in a bowl and ENJOY!

Needless to say, my kids love snack break!

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own
Posts May Contain Affiliate Links. See Disclosure. All opinions my own.

Crazy Cups Coffee- Death By Chocolate #Giveaway ‪#‎FlavorNation‬ ‪#‎TasteHappiness‬ (8/29)

I am an official Crazy Cups Ambassador.  That said, my love of coffee and my opinion are my own.

To say that I enjoy a good cup of coffee would be an understatement.  I am a huge fan of coffee.  My Mom likes to tell the story of how she used to add cold water to her coffee, so that when I picked up her mug, when I was two, I wouldn’t burn myself.  I don’t remember ever NOT drinking coffee and chances are if you’ve ever seen me, you’ve seen my coffee.  That said, I’ve never been very adventurous with my coffee.  I’ve always drank bold dark coffee, with a touch of cold water added, and have never really ventured much into flavored coffee.  I mean, I’ve had flavored coffee before.  I’ve just never been that impressed with the taste of them.  That is, until I recently tried Crazy Cups Death by Chocolate flavor.

Crazy Cups Death By Chocolate

I dove headlong into this one.  This is, by far, the best flavored k cup I’ve ever used.  Ermagoodness, when I brew my Crazy Cups Death by Chocolate single serve cup, it smells like I’ve been baking brownies all day.  It smells that good.  And when you take a sip… Mmmm.  Sigh.  Coffee and chocolate.  What’s not to love? Crazy Cups Death By Chocolate is delicious blend of coffee and chocolate.  That alone is enough to convince me to shop Crazy Cups.

Let me tell you, though, a few more reasons I <3 this brand!

  • Crazy Cups flavored k cups are certified Fair Trade AND Organic
  • Crazy Cups flavored k cups are recyclable
  • Crazy Cups flavored k cups have 35% more coffee grounds than most other coffees
  • Crazy Cups flavored k cups are gluten free, nut free, and calorie free <–oh, yah, brew another cup or two!
  • Crazy Cups flavored k cups flavors taste good enough you don’t need to add sweeteners, sugars, or cream.  You can, of course, if that’s your flavor preference, but I drink mine straight, with a touch of cold water added.

Check out for a crazy assortment of great flavors of coffee and hot chocolate!  OH, and you can create your own SAMPLER PACKS!!

Connect with Crazy Cups on Facebook and follow @crazycupscoffee on Twitter.

Enter to win a box of Crazy Cups Death by Chocolate flavored k cups.  Good luck!

***That Bald Chick is not responsible for prize fulfillment.***

Posts may contain affiliate links. See Disclosure. All Opinions are My Own