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Kids Relief Homeopathic Allergy Medicine

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My kids have allergies. All of them. I hate it. No joke, as much as I love spring and fall, I dread them because I know that allergies, including stuffy noses, scratchy throats, itchy and watering eyes, and the inevitable sinus infection will follow. Ugh.

We’ve always used over the counter antihistimines to help control the onset of allergy symptoms, but I’ve grown weary of over the counter medication that are pure chemical. Don’t get me wrong: I think that modern medicine is a wonderful thing and that it’s done amazing things for the overall health of society and for disease control and curing. BUT…I have to wonder if the more medications we use to control things, the more we are causing issues in our bodies (side effects) that have to be controlled by more medications (which cause more side effects), etc. I wonder if it’s a self-perpetuating cycle.

Kids Relief Allergy


Anyway, now that I sound like an anti-pharma lunatic (which I’m NOT, by the way), I have to tell you about the product that I’m keeping on hand from now on to manage my kids’ allergy symptoms: Kids Relief Allergy Oral Liquid. Kids Relief is a homeopathic oral medication, made from all natural products (hence the homeopathic part…just in case you missed it), that has no side effects, no drug interactions, and is gluten and sugar free. Best part (for me) is that it treats all of my kids’ allergy symptoms (nasal congestion and sneezing, itchy everything, and watering eyes) and it does it without the use of manmade drugs. Bottom line: I feel like it’s safer for my kids to use in the long-run, and I will always be keeping it on hand.

The Kids Relief line of homeopathic remedies is manufactured by Homeolab USA

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Ink Garden Personalized Gifts

Cute alert!  By a show of hands, who of you out there love the idea of personalized gifts?  Ok, out of those of you who love personalized stuff, how many of you find personalized gifts to sometimes be cost prohibitive?  I’ll just go ahead and put myself out there and say that I am totally cheesy and I love personalized gifts…shirts, blankets, hair bows…if it can be personalized, I usually love it!  But, personalized gifts, unless I’m getting crafty and making them on my own from scratch, tend to be on the pricey side, and I’m NOT a fan of that.

Cue Ink Garden!  Ink Garden allows you to create high-quality, low-cost personalized products using their easy customization wizards online.  You have the option of using any of their 3,500+ designs created by professional artists, or creating your own design, and then adding your personal photos, logos, and text, as well as images from their clip art gallery, to the design to create a one of a kind gift!

This is a totally fun idea, but I must admit something: choosing what I wanted to create, considering the vastness of their options (everything from home decor, to bedding and blankets, to clothing), was difficult for me considering my chronic indecisiveness.  Seriously, I’m horrible.  Regardless…I ultimately decided to create personalized placemats for my family!  The placemats were a crazy reasonable price (approximately $9 a piece), and I loved the idea of giving us all individualized placements (using our pictures), while still having a coordinated set!

personalized placemats from InkGarden

Additionally, once I finally decided what I wanted to create, Ink Garden’s online picture uploading and creation tools were VERY user-friendly, which was a welcome relief!  Often times I find that online photo sharing or printing sites aren’t super compatible with my Mac, so this came as a pleasant surprise!  I had no issues uploading photos or creating my product, and once it came time to order, the process was fast, simple, and secure, and I had my product delivered within just a few business days!

Overall, I think this is a great site with so many cool products that would make great, unique gift ideas for people of all ages!

setting the table with personalized placemats from InkGarden

^Isn’t that cute?^

I just love setting the table with them.

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Rudolph’s Pork Rinds

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Southern Recipe snacks offer the tastiest food in the South: pork rinds, snack rings, pork sticks, cheesy Cajun popcorn, cheesy curls and cracklins. Enjoy Southern Recipe as part of the Rudolph Foods family of brands. Rudolph Foods Company, Inc., one of the world’s largest suppliers of branded and private-label snack products including the world’s largest manufacturer of pork rinds. Southern Recipe is solely dedicated to providing its customers with the best quality productsand the highest levels of customer service at the best price.

Rudolph's Pork Rinds

Our house has been in pork rind heaven thanks to Southern Recipe! They were generous enough to send us the following flavors of their pork rinds:

  • Original
  • Hot & Spicy
  • Bold & Spicy

I can honestly say I never tried pork rinds before; for some reason the name alone just turned me off. When I came home to a rather large box of various pork rinds (~15 bags!)….well I was very hesitant, to say the least! My fiancé on the other hand was ready to dig in! I let him be the initial sampler and he said they were great; just the right crunch and they tasted like they had just been made. After a couple of days of contemplation I finally gave in and decided I would try the Bold & Spicy BBQ and I have to admit I actually like them! Even our 2 year old has been enjoying the originals! Our favorite is the Hot & Spicy; but we could both still go for more heat. As I have mentioned before, we both love things extra spicy, so I think for anyone else the flavor is perfect! These have been a great addition to cookouts we have attended and everyone that has sampled them has agreed as well!

Check out Rudolph’s Southern Recipe on Facebook and follow @SouthernRecipe on Twitter.

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Tandor Chef

Press Sample

Tandoor Chef is proud to celebrate the beautiful Indian culture – of which Holi plays an important role.  Recently recognized as the nation’s #1 frozen Indian brand, Tandoor Chef is committed to producing restaurant quality, all natural frozen Indian food. A quality innovation leader, Tandoor Chef provides exotic flavors and meal experiences, rooted in the convenience of the frozen food category.  The brand is also certified vegetarian, vegan, and touts many gluten-free products within its robust line of appetizers, entrees and naan breads.

My fiancé loves a variety of ethnic foods, prior to meeting him I never ventured out of my normal comfort foods. One of our first dates were to an Indian restraint, the menu was so confusing to me that I had him order for me-and let me tell you I loved-it-all! Where we live now we sadly don’t have any Indian restaurants super close to us and I honestly never paid attention to the selection at our local stores. Tandoor Chef was kind enough to send me 4 complimentary coupons for any of their frozen products. I was able to find them at my local Martins in their Vegan/Organic Freezers; sadly they did not have a huge selection. We grabbed what they did have:

  • Channa Masala: Chickpeas sautéed with onions, tomatoes, peppers and exotic spices.
  • (2) Chicken Tikka Masala: Boneless chicken breast marinated, roasted and simmered in a robust, creamy sauce. Served with Cumin Infused Basmati Rice
  • Jumbo Samosa with Chutney: Delicious and crispy, restaurant-quality pastry stuffed with spicy potatoes and peas.

Tandor Chef

We have loved all of our samplings from Tandoor Chef! In my fiancés words, “I feel like I am eating in an actual authentic Indian restaurant, that’s how good all of this tastes!” I am torn between the Chicken Tikka Masala and Samosas as my favorites-they are both a-mazing!!! The chutney served with the samosas has just the right amount of heat and truly is a perfect pairing! The seasoning was right on point and everything tasted fresh-WAY better than your typical t.v. dinner. Don’t get me wrong the Channa Masala is great too!

We will definitely continuing purchasing Tandoor Chef products! I can’t wait to try their Naan bread and pizza!

Follow Tandoor Chef on Facebook and @TandoorChef on Twitter.

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