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My Accidental 7 Miler

After I ate a quick banana for breakfast, my family piled into our minivan and drove to Castlewood State Park this morning so that I could run 6.2 miles. See, I’m doing a 10K at Castlewood on November 8th, and I’ve never done a trail run OR a 10K before. I thought it might be wise to do a trial run by myself, so I don’t make a complete fool of myself on race day.  Especially considering the farthest I’ve managed to run in my training is 4 miles, and the farthest I’ve walked is 5 miles.

the skippo trail run

I found the route on MapMyRun and sent it to my phone. I also printed the route from the Skippo site.

After we arrived at the park, I grabbed my phone and my earbuds, some water, and a couple of chia bars – which I planned to eat at miles 2 and 4- and left Hubs to spend some quality time with the kidlets.

Once on the path, I cranked my Boost 101.9 app and ran. Around mile 3, I looked down at the map and my gps point and realized I’d made a wrong turn and had to retrace my steps.

Between mile 3 and 4 I was supposed to take the creek crossing (yes, I said creek) and launch up another trail. My gps was pinging me off course again, so I did a circle (or three) across and through the creek until it picked me up and put me at the trail I’d already passed several times. UGH.

Shortly after the 5.2 mile point, my phone died. Completely died. No tunes. No gps. No way to call my husband if I fell on the trail.  Apparently, I can’t stream 4G that long.  Hrumph.

A bit later, I  stumbled on a hidden rock , so i stopped running and walked until I hit even ground again.

My accidental 7 miler

I went further than I’d planned to go, and my pace much slower than I wanted, but it was a beautiful morning and I FINISHED it.

Fortunately for me, there is an an informal course preview next weekend, so I’ll be going out and trying it again.  Perhaps with pace runners to help guide and provide directions along the official route, I’ll be able to stick to 6.2.

Whatever the case, I am just glad I took my Catalyst this morning before I left for the run! No sore muscles for me!


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The difference is DINAIR – airbrush makeup

Press Sample. All opinions are my own.

I was recently asked to review do a review for Dinair, a company that became the cutting edge in the cosmetic industry with it’s airbrush makeup, systems and accessories.   Dinair is the originator of the airbrush makeup, which revolutionized the cosmetics industry, and was founded by Dina Ousley, an award winning professional makeup artist and cosmetologist.  So, when Dinair offered to send me the Personal Pro Compressor, along with foundation, for review, I knew I had to try it.  Together, the Personal Pro Compressor and foundation are guaranteed to give your makeup a flawless finish, which means the difference is Dinair.

Dinair Personal Pro

I was very excited to receive my Dinair in the mail. In fact, I spent what felt like hours on the Dinair website, watching their  “how to” videos for several days before the machine arrived.  Dinair has a whole selection of “how-to” videos for individuals with different skin types and skin problems.  Have a trouble spot or something you’re trying to cover up or fix?  There’s a video to teach you how!  The day it arrived I pulled the personal pro compressor out of the package and was able to apply my foundation in less than five minutes.  I was using the machine like a pro the first time. The personal pro kit comes with four different shades of foundation, you are able to customize your foundation shade. Then I was able to use the bronzer to highlight my face and add blush. I took before and after photos to let you see the difference, look at my forehead I was very broke out.  I have tried lots of foundations and none of them will cover up the way this does.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup

You do have to clean the machine after each use.  I was unsure of whether or not I would have to clean it on days when I would be in a hurry, and wasn’t sure if that would be a big deal or not. Seriously, though, let me tell you, it is NOT a big deal because you are able to quickly put on your foundation with out any effort, covering up anything.  The time you save on doing your makeup makes a little easy cleanup, with just soap & water, well worth it.

The difference is Dinair


The other benefit of this machine is it only uses a few drops of foundation I used two different colors with four drops of each which equals eight drops. eight drops of makeup that’s all I am using. Each drop kind of reminds me of using liquid food coloring dye just to give you an example of the very little amount of make up you are using. It sprays it on your face in such an even form that you barely use any make up which in the end is better for your skin because you’re not clogging your pores it’s just lightly sitting on top of your face.  Another great benefit of this foundation is that it is waterproof and that means you can cry, you can blow your nose, and you can eat and your make up still looks great! You can even take a nap without it smudging!

I am so happy with my makeup now, and the difference is Dinair!

I believe that this form of foundation will save me a lot of money because I’m not using as much product so I will be buying this product in the future and I do recommend you try the Dinair airbrush personal pro compressor for yourself!

Get your own at http://www.airbrushmakeup.com.

Pssst… it would be a great gift, too!

Connect socially with Dinair on Facebook and @Dinair on Twitter.


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Save the Family Walk with Joovy Bumprider

Press Sample. All opinions are my own.

This is a story.  This is a story of how you can save the family walk with a Joovy Bumprider.

In a suburb in the Midwest, lives a family. The family has a mom, a dad, and three children.  Two of the children in this family are old enough to ride big kid bikes and one is not.  This family likes to go on family walks.  When they do, the two older children either ride their big kid bikes or walk, while either the Mommy or Daddy pushes the little one in a stroller.  All is well on the family walk until this happens…

Daddy Pushing Sister's Bike


The big girl in the family gets tired of riding her bike and the Daddy has to push her bike home.  The Mommy is then left to choose between listening to her big girl whine and shed tears about her legs hurting, or carrying the big girl home on her back while simultaneously pushing the little one in the stroller.  The Mommy finds either option less than pleasant and put the kabosh on family walks for a while.

Then one day, the Mommy received a Joovy Bumprider to review.

Joovy Bumprider

The Mommy excitedly showed the Joovy Bumprider to the Daddy, and then the Daddy installed the Joovy Bumprider onto the back of the family jogging stroller.  The Joovy Bumprider was super simple to install, guaranteed to fit all stroller types due to it’s unique construction, and is the most universal stroller board on the market.  The arms are adjustable in width, length, and height, so it even fits on the back of the jogger with the extra large basket.  The platform has a non-slip surface and the wheel suspension makes for a smooth ride– even on our less than perfect terrain.  It has quick release clams that allow for easy mounting and removal from the stroller and is designed for children ages 2 to 5 and up to 45 pounds.  Oh, and NO tools are required for installation, save maybe a pair of scissors to cut the zip tie that holds the arms together in the package, which means the Mommy could have installed it herself, but someone had to take pictures for the story.

With the Joovy Bumprider installed, the family decided to go on a family walk again.  Before the walk was ended, the big girl tired of riding her bike, and this is what happened…

Save the family walk with the Joovy Bumprider

She did not whine.  She did not cry.  The Mommy did not have to carry her on her back and simultaneously push a stroller with the little one in it.   The big girl was happy.  The mommy was happy.  Everyone was happy… even Daddy, who was pushing the big girl bike home.

This is a story.  This is a story of how you can save the family walk with a Joovy Bumprider.

This family will be taking more family walks.  And this family will be taking the Joovy Bumprider with them on their next vacation!

And while the Mommy in this story did receive a Joovy Bumprider for review as a Joovy Mom, all opinions are her own and this story is true.

If you’d like to save your family walk, you can purchase the Joovy Bumprider at  http://www.joovy.com/

Check out Joovy on Facebook and follow Joovy on Twitter for all their latest products and savings.

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A Baptism and a Super Heroes Backpack Bible

Press Sample. All opinions are my own.
My 6yo son recently asked to be baptized.  He asked Jesus into his heart two years ago, and I knew the day would come when he’d want to follow that up with getting baptized.  We reviewed Scripture together, and had several lengthy conversations about baptism and why a Christian would want to be baptized.  After I felt comfortable that he understood fully what it was he wanted to do, I signed him up for the next baptism service at our church.  When the pastor asked him if he had anything he’d like to say, he looked straight into the camera and simply said, “I love Jesus.”  My Momma heart couldn’t have been prouder!

Mister Gets Baptized

We wanted to give him something special to commemorate the special occasion, and thought the Super Heroes Backpack Bible was just perfect for it.

Super Heroes Backpack Bible

You see, he LOVES super heroes.  The Super Heroes Backpack Bible is a compact Bible and is roughly the size of a 5×7 photo, but it’s about an inch thick.  It’s lightweight and weighs less than 13 ounces.  It is in the easy-to-read New International Reader’s Version (NIrV, which is great because we’ve been trying to figure out which translation will be easiest for him to understand.  It is marketed toward boys, ages 6-10, who love super heroes but would be well loved by your super hero loving princess, as well!

Mister loves that the Super Heroes Backpack Bible, NIrV is packed with ordinary, everyday, people that were used by God into super hero ways.  He enjoys the illustrations, says it’s easy to understand, and has been reading it daily since he got it.  He said that right now his favorite story is about Daniel and the Lion’s Den, because it shows how God is faithful when we are.

The Super Heroes Backpack Bible does have the super thin pages, which is the only thing I would change.  We do have to be extra careful to keep it out of Little Miss’ reach, so she can’t tear the pages (oops, lesson learned the hard way).

Overall, Mister is well pleased with his Super Heroes Backpack Bible.

***Disclosure (in accordance with the FTC’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”): As a member of the Z Blog Squad, I received the aforementioned product from Zondervan to facilitate this review.***

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Brawny® Renews Partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project® #ToughIs

Being tough means continuing when it would be easy to stop.  When you grow up being different, you learn early on that you can either be tough or you can let life knock you down.   Thanks to my amazing family, I chose the former.  Because I know how easy it would be to give up, I’ve always admired those who don’t.  Like our wounded soldiers.   Which is why I am thrilled to partner with Brawny® to announce that they have renewed their partnership with the Wounded Warrior Project® for the third year running!  To date, the Brawny® brand has donated over $1.9 million to the Wounded Warrior Project®.  Brawny® says that the Wounded Warrior Project® shares the same spirit and values as it does: an inner strength that emboldens and inspires people to be “Tough to the Core.”

Tough Means Continuing When It Would Be Easy to Stop

I love companies that give back, especially one’s that give back to our soldiers!

Brawny Logo WWP Logo

The Wounded Warrior Project® (WWP).  WWP (founded in 2003) helps wounded servicemen and women adjust to civilian life and persevere through the visible and invisible wounds of war.  The fact is, tough is so much more than physical strength. Being tough, for some, is about learning to put one foot in front of the other again.  For others, it’s about getting back up when life has knocked you down.  For many of our soldiers, it’s about learning to work through the invisible wounds they sustained on the battlefield.

My Dad served three tours in Vietnam, aboard the USS Hooper DE-1026 from 1965 to 1968.  He doesn’t talk much about his time in the Navy.   Back then, a lot soldiers returning from war didn’t talk about their experiences.   Instead, they stuffed it.  Their inability to deal with their invisible wounds would inevitably creep into other areas of their lives.  My Dad is a recovered alcoholic, and has been for years.  While he’s never actually said it, I’ve no doubt that the invisible wounds of war helped drive him toward the bottle.  Perhaps if WWP had been around back then, many of our soldiers could have avoided years of living with festering wounds.
Our soldiers are amazing heroes, and when they come back from war, some of them need a bit of help.  After all they’ve done for us, I think we owe it to them to give them the help they need.  How can you help, you ask?
Simply tell us what “tough” means to you and the Brawny® brand will donate $1 to WWP for every text or photo submission, and for $5 for every video (up to $350,000).  You can share your definition and donate using #ToughIs on Facebook, Instagram or visit www.brawny.com/wounded-warrior-projectYou can connect with  @Brawny on Twitter and Brawny® on Facebook and BrawnyBrand on Instagram and you can connect with @wwpinc on Twitter and Wounded Warrior Project® on Facebook.Learn more about Brawny®’s partnership with Wounded Warrior Project® by visiting www.brawny.com/wounded-warrior-project .  To learn more about the Wounded Warrior Project®, and check out some awesome volunteer opportunities, visit www.woundedwarriorproject.com.

Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign that I am participating in with Brawny. All opinions are my own and do not reflect those of the brand.


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