Patriotic Cones

The season is fast approaching for barbecues, fireworks (sometimes between family members), and fun! Whether you’re celebrating Memorial Day or getting an early jump on the 4th of July these simple, fun and easy to make, Patriotic Cones are sure to be a hit.  Make them ahead of time to serve cold treats in, or bring the fixins and let the kids have a great time decorating their own red, white, and blue cone!

Make these fun Patriotic Cones with the kids! Details @thatbaldchick

Ice cream sugar cones
Ice cream cake cones
Vanilla almond bark
Sprinkles and colored sugar crystals

1.   Melt 1/4 cup of vanilla almond bark in the microwave for 90 seconds and stir.
2.   Spoon the melted vanilla around the top of each ice cream cone and immediately cover with sprinkles.
3.   NOTE: the almond bark cools rather quickly so you may have to reheat the vanilla if you have a lot of cones to decorate, otherwise the sprinkles will not stick to the cone.
4.   Let set for 20 minutes.
5.   Enjoy!

(if you’re going to be celebrating outdoors, you may want to keep these cooled before serving them up)

A collection of books for children about adoption @thatbaldchick

A Collection of Books for Children about Adoption

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Papa Murphy's Take N Bake

Slam Dunk Dinner with Papa Murphy’s #team425

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Pickles- a healthy snack alternative

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Tiny Easter Basket Craft

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Sweet Scarlett's

Sweet Scarlett’s Giveaway

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diy pot of gold treat

Pot of Gold Craft

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You don't have to be cold to lower your heating bills anymore! Get a Honeywell MyEnergySmart® Infrared Heater

Honeywell MyEnergySmart Infrared Heater

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